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Fly Fishing Camp Outs

Camp out adventures are ideal for the fisherman who wants to be truly part of the NZ outdoors, and be very handy to a stream and have the opportunity to fish into the evening taking advantage of the "evening rise".

We often fly by helicopter to a remote location and camp in tents by the stream side or perhaps use a Dept of Conservation or private hut or even a fully furnished shepherd cottage. (See “Hotel California” on the video on the fishing page—at about 3:00 minutes). Mostly however, we 4WD to a private hunting or shepherds cottage on the back of a large sheep and cattle station.

Take advantage of the evening rise!

Anglers taking the above option must be warned, however, that they will have to put up with my cooking—I am no Masterchef, but I can assure you that it will be memorable!

Let’s go fishing!