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Fly Fishing Locations

I like to concentrate on the area which I know intimately, the Central North Island, and in particular the areas around Great Lake Taupo and the Hawkes Bay.

This vast area encompasses the Urewera, Kaimanawa, Kaweka and Ruahine Mountain Ranges, and the King Country.
Taupo is the ideal base from which to explore and fish these locations.

The immediately accessible streams are driven to by 4WD vehicle and the very remote locations are accessed by helicopter.

The major water catchments are some of NZ's most famous trout rivers. They include the Waioeka, Ruakituri, Waiau, Whirinaki, Mohaka, Ngaruroro, Rangitikei, Waikato, Rangitaiki, Whakatane and Whanganui river systems.

Many more named fishable tributaries feed these individual watersheds. We will fish the best waters available on the day.

The predominant trout species is "fighting rainbow" with a lesser number of browns. Some rivers such as the Mohaka and Motu and numerous smaller streams have a dominant population of "wily browns". If an angler has a preference for either species we can easily target that.

The streams encompass the whole spectrum from slow and deep to shallow and lively. They can be spring creek or alluvial but are mainly free stone.

I tailor the stream selection to the anglers and therefore ensure that you will have the most enjoyable fishing experience possible.

Let’s go fishing!