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What to Bring Fishing

The following list is a guide only and if you are short of anything there are several excellent fly tackle stores in Taupo which stock everything from wading boots and clothing to rods and floatant.


Modern graphite 4 - 6 weight, 8ft 6’’ to 9ft. Also a spare rod. 3 or 4 piece travelling rods are recommended for wilderness trips. If fishing the winter steelhead runs at Lake Taupo, a 9-10 weight is ideal.


Any good quality with capacity for at least 100 yards of backing.


Weight forward floating lines in dull colours - slate grey and dark browns and greens are best. Do not bring bright coloured lines.


Knotless tapered clear leaders 8 - 12 feet, 3x - 5x.


Put plenty of lead into your nymphs which should be size 8 - 16. Bead heads are more than useful and your selection will include the old favorites - Pheasant tail and Hares ear and Prince # 12 & 14

Dry flies should include Royal Wulf, Adams, Cochy bondhu, Caddis, Irresistable  and any of your old favourites. Sizes 8 - 16.

There is a good selection of flies available in Taupo and you may well like to leave any purchasing of them until you arrive - particularly the nymphs.

Polaroid glasses

Polaroid glasses are a must.


Light weight chest waders with stockinged feet are ideal, in conjunction with rubber soled wading boots.
During the warmer months many anglers wade wet - boots, gravel guards with wading trousers or polypropylene tights and shorts.

Wading Boots

Fishing regulations now insist that felt soles are banned.  Rubber soles are most popular.


Make sure that fishing shirts, hats and trousers are dull. White and bright colours are out. Camouflage, grey or green are okay.