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I enjoy fly fishing tremendously but unfortunately I only get the rare opportunity to enjoy this wonderful sport.

So when I do, I head to New Zealand and hook-up with Paddy Clark. I have been fishing with Paddy for so many years that I have lost count and he has never ceased to amaze me each and every year! I can always count on an adventure and experience that I will never forget.

In fact,I am sitting here typing on this computer dreaming and preparing for my next trip to New Zealand to fish with Paddy in February. 

Paddy puts his entire body and soul into providing a wonderful fishing experience every day you are with him and no two days are the same. I am always amazed at the quality of the fishing, the rivers and the scenery in the areas that we fish in. 

I hate to say this but I enjoy the trips so much that I really don’t care if we missed that monstrous wily brown trout lying in the pool below the cliff where we developed strategy after strategy to hook the beauty.

Jim Depew, Texas and Indonesia

I have fished all over the world for the last 25 years...

...and Paddy Clark is easily the best guide I have ever come across, he is good company, knows everything there is to know about fishing for trout in New Zealand and takes me to fantastic ‘secret’ locations on every trip.  Jack Meredith, Manchester, U.K.

I am a very keen fly fisher from Norway and have been fishing salmon and trout in the rivers in Norway for more than 35 years.

I was introduced to New Zealand, Taupo and Paddy Clark trough a close friend in 2006. I was taken by surprise by the quality of waters and quantity and quality of both the brown and rainbow trouts in the rivers close to Taupo. 

Paddys passion to make sure the anglers get quality fishing after making the long trip to Taupo impressed me. His access to hidden parts of rivers either by car or helicopter gives us oportunities to fish for big trout that has not seen anglers for weeks or rather months. It never fails, if you listen to Paddys instructions and mingle the line correctly you will catch a fish in every pool he take you to. 

I have been visiting Paddy 3 times and will travel again and will bring friends with the same passion for fly fishing as myself as it can not get better than this.

Rune Lorentzen, Norway

The big 27” rainbow came flying out of the water 14 times!

I have never seen such big healthy trout anywhere else in the world. I can’t wait to come back every year and we are now up to 15 years in a row! Paddy finds new streams off the beaten track every year.


Paddy Clark is the ultimate fly fishing guide...

His passion and dedication for his client is second to none. He has access to magical and secret streams that you dream about. Five stars.

Kerry Trollope, Sydney

For the past 10 years I have been expertly guided by Paddy and have experienced some unbelievable fishing in some of the most beautiful back country rivers and streams that the North island has to offer.

I can not recommend Paddy highly enough and can guarantee that with his great Kiwi hospitality, vast fishing experience, along with his comfortable and relaxed style of guiding you will be in for a memorable trip. A day under Paddy’s watchful eye will both increase your your catch rate whatever your experience level and most importantly you will have lots of laughs along the way....now thats what I call a good days fishing! 

Looking forward to my annual trip next January.

Hugo Ross, Wick, Scotland

Words alone are not sufficient for me to describe the calibre of Paddy as a man and a fishing guide.

Anyone who goes out on the streams of New Zealand with him will return enriched.  

John Landers, Sydney

Some of the best trout fishing of my life has been with Paddy!

Spring or autumn he has found heavy, wild, feisty fighting rainbows and browns in little rivers you wouldn’t think could support them. Always challenging but with Paddy’s experience at work, never a blank day!  Richard Seth-Smith, London, U.K.

One of the greatest fishing experiences of my whole life, and I already travelled the world...

...Paddy is fantastic and I will come back.

Nicola Carusi, Italy